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Wedding At Home

Wedding At Home

Wedding At Home. Watch VIDEOS & Reserve Wedding Entertainment

If you are considering having a wedding at home,you should know that home weddings and receptions can actually be some of the most memorable weddings ever.If your home or backyard is spacious enough and a few nice ammenities it can be a great place for a wedding and reception.If you top it off with a great live band you'll probably be the talk of the town.$1000-$5000 packages.

 Most people tend to get really comfortable at home weddings and it's been our experience that wedding receptions in the backyard can be really nice especially if you provide drinks and tasty food.Whether you have the wedding in the front or back yard or indoors or outdoors (providing the climate is great for an outdoor wedding,this is a great way to go and it will help with your wedding budget a great deal.Ask a friend if you can borrow their home for your wedding and reception.Now that's a great wedding idea.

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