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Activities For Seniors In Assisted Living

Here is a great idea for your assisted living calendar if your residents are in the Memphis Tn Cordova Bartlett Colierville area.Our local band can break down to a couple of people if needed to play for seniors in assisted living.If you want to add some really good entertainment that's affordable for the calendar at your assisted living resident facility call us and let's see if we can work it out and keep it within your budget.Call us at 901.413.5370 and ask for Will.
We play classic songs that they will remember and enjoy.We usually bring 2 - 4 people depending on the budget so give us a call and let's work it out for our seniors.

Perfect for assited living calendar -Call 901-413-5370

When we provide entertainment for seniors at nursing homes and assisted living week and throughout the year you'll see them bobbing their heads as their eyes light up.We love it and they do too.Call us at 901.413.5370 and ask for Will and let's see if we can add some local fun to your calendar activity.