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If you are planning a wedding reception or party event in Memphis Tn or beyond you will love Blue Silk band.Hire this band from Memphis while they are still available now.Great live music that everybody will enjoy as well as hot fun dj mixes for even more crowd pleasing entertainment.This band will keep the dance floor packed!

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Memphis bands like Blue Silk band,Honey & Pearls,April D & Band,Wendy Oh!,Diamond Grace and Jasper Dodson Trio are our most popular bands for Memphis wedding receptions and party events.They are mind blowing Memphis bands for hire.If you are getting married in Memphis Tn and want to hire a band,we strongly suggest hiring the Blue Silk band.They will blow all of your guests away and you will be getting tons of compliments about your band for a long time to come.Yes they are that good!

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  Hire a band for a wedding  reception or party with the best cost and prices around.The cost to book a band for a wedding reception or party is affordable with bands like Blue Silk band.To get the best cost for your wedding or party all you need to do is give us your details.We know how expensive it is to have a nice wedding and most people need a break.$1000-$6000 packages.Hire this band. 

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Find musicians for a wedding or party that knows how to entertain everybody at the wedding reception or party!!!Other bands don't do it like Blue Silk Memphis Band!From "Jackie Wilson Motown,Bruno Mars,Wilson Pickett,Pitbull,Usher,Taylor Swift,Maroon 5,Elvis,Jackson 5,Rihanna,Beyonce,Justin Timberlake,Tina Turner,Billie Eilish,The Weekend,Arianna Grande,Flo Rida,Kesha,Louis Armstrong,Frank Sinatra,Mcklemore and Ryan,Beatles,Rolling Stones,Adele,Backstreet Boys,Selena Gomez,Outkast,Clean Bandit,John Legend,Lil Jon,The Isleys,Whitney Houston,Sister Sledge,Journey,Ed Sheeran and much more!!!Book this band for your wedding reception party today before it's too late.Reserve and book them now.

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Blue Silk band plays wedding receptions and party music all over and brides and couples getting married and planning a wedding usually find and book this band mostly by word of mouth.One of the best things about the Blue Silk band is that most people pass their name around to friends,co-workers and relatives so people call on them for their weddings,party events and fundraisers often.

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Blue Silk band has some of the best band booking fees and prices around for weddings and party events.The average cost to hire a band for a wedding or party event is anywhere from $1000 to around $6000.To get an exact price for your event contact us here.

Memphis wedding planners and Memphis event planners love working with this live band when they are looking to find local bands for weddings and events including party events.If you are looking for local bands in Memphis this band has been a favorite of brides and party planners in Memphis for a long time because they deliver incredible Memphis live entertainment and they are fun.

People looking for music bands for hire or live music bands and DJs in the area really like to book this local band for wedding reception music entertainment because they are affordable and they sound really amazing.Find local band from Memphis Tn for your wedding.They will work with your wedding budget and still give you the perfect wedding entertainment as well as party music.

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Wedding bands for hire as well as party bands can be really expensive usually because of booking agency fees that are added to the cost for wedding bands and wedding DJ music but when you book a band direct like Blue Silk band you'll be amazed at how much cheaper the cost is for wedding music and party entertainment becomes.With this band you'll not only save money on the wedding budget,you also get a great live band with best reviews for wedding reception music and party events.Book a party band for a wedding.

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Blue Silk is one of the most popular live bands in Memphis Tennessee especially for people that search online for live band for wedding reception events in Memphis Tennessee area.One of the best things for brides that are getting married in Memphis Tn looking at live band for wedding cost usually end up happy with Blue Silk band wedding cost to entertain at wedding reception venues in Memphis Tn area.If you want to find live bands in Memphis Tn,no worries.Blue Silk band is one of the amazing affordable wedding and party bands in Memphis.You can't go wrong with them playing at your event.While there are other Memphis live bands like Honey & Pearls,Jasper D trio and more,Blue Silk band has become one of the most resqested live bands in Memphis Tn when people looking for Memphis bands contact us for local live bands.~Gary Harding-EBY Agency LLC

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Musicians cost for weddings depends on two basic things. 1.If you'll hire the musicians through a musicians booking agency or 2. Choose to contact the musicians direct which is less expensive and one of the best ways to save money on a wedding.The average cost to hire musicians by using an entertainment booking agency are:solo musicians-$250,duo groups will usually be around $350 to $650 for the ceremony and/or small weddings,4-5 member bands will average around $2000-$2500,6-8 member bands will average $3500 to $6000,and 9 members and up can average anywhere between $6000 to $30,000 depending on their popularity,travel expense,etc. On the other hand contacting musicians direct is less expensive because there are no booking commissions since you are choosing to hire the musicians direct.The money you save by booking your musicians direct will usually be between 15-20 percent to upwards of 35-40 percent on average depending on the agency and their agreement with the musicians. The best way to hire musicians directly is to do a search for bands (as most musicians also play in live bands so this is the easy way to find them) in your area.Just type "bands in "your city or location".Most musicians and bands will have a personal website and contact information online.You can even listen and watch them at weddings on most band websites.Some musicians that work with agencies may still be able to do their own bookings as well.One thing to keep in mind is that band entertainment agencies try to send out great quality bands and musicians so the odds of you getting a band that's not entertaining is usually doubtful and an agency is a sure way to feel confident about your wedding reception musicians.There are also excellent musicians for weddings that you can contact directly online that are amazing wedding musicians and know how to keep the dance floor packed at weddings.If you have a large wedding budget that will allow you to hire one of many band entertainment agencies to find a great band for you,chances are you can be pretty sure the music will be nice.However if you are getting married and want to find a way to have the best wedding on a budget it's a great idea to find bands and musicians for weddings online that can work with you and your wedding budget to help you save money on your wedding.In many cases hiring musicians direct means you'll be getting the same exact musicians and band without the agency expense added.Some of the best musicians for weddings only work with brides and couples direct not because they have anything against band agencies but because they understand that couples and brides have one special day and they want to make it as perfect as possible while keeping the wedding expenses on a budget.Booking musicians for a wedding direct is how to save money on a wedding.

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Providing wedding and party entertainment services in Memphis Tn bands Greenville Ms bands Tupelo Ms bands Oxford Ms bands Jackson Tn bands Clarksdale Ms bands Leland Ms bands Blytheville Ar bands and far beyond.

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We have the best in bands for weddings bands for party music bands for fundraisers bands for birthday parties bands for New Years Eve celebration bands for anniversary bands for festivals bands for celebrity parties bands for private events bands for pool party in the summertime and more.Anytime you need to hire a band in Memphis Tn or book a Memphis band we gotcha and llok forward to speaking with you to make your event special and professional.
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Not only do we book bands in Memphis Tn but contact us if you want to find bands in Oxford Ms bands in Jackson Tn bands in Tupelo Ms bands in Clarksdale bands in Blytheville Ar area bands near Oscela Ar Tupelo bands Bolivar Tn area bands Tunica Bands.
I need to find a Memphis band to play for an event.Which bands in Memphis are the best bands for events.There was a Memphis band that I used to hire for all of my parties a few years ago called "Honey and Pearls Band".They weren't a large band but they were really amazing.They had three Memphis singers and three Memphis musicians.I never hired them through any booking agency or anything like that but they would always blow my guests away.I'm happy to say that I have found them and hired them for my New Years Eve celebration event this year.As it turns out this Memphis band has evoved to what's now the "Blue Silk band".Sometimes they use one female singer and sometimes they will use two or three female singers along with other musicians and this band still has it.If you have never seen Blue Silk Memphis band in action you are really missing out on a treat.It's like you go out to listen to bands in Memphis Tn and go into a place and they have live bands in Memphis playing.And then you see a large 8-10 pc live bands playing and everybody is dancing so you think to yourself "hummm,this band is really fun and they have horns and everything!" but then the smaller band from Memphis called Blue Silk band takes the stage and you say to yourself "this band is kind of small so they probably won't sound as good as the big show band that I just heard play.And then when Blue Silk hits the first few songs of the night you then yell to yourself :dam!!This band is soooo it!!!I love them!!This band I "must" hire for my event!!!"This is how it is when people get to hear Blue Silk band.No matter how big the band is that they are compard to,or no matter which Memphis bands with horns you have listened to,Blue Silk band seems to have a magic that they do not have.I was on a website that said there was a big band playing at the Peabody hotel one night and this band had horns and everything but once Blue Silk band took the stage it was over!This band has a magic for sure.The lead singer and musicians in Blue Silk Memphis band always click.It's hard to explain but they click.Their voices are really nice and the musicians know how to play with perfection that pulls at your emotions.That's why Blue Silk band is one of the best wedding bands in Memphis Tn.They are excellent at pulling at wonderful emotions much like enjoying your favorite celebrity artist bands playing at your own private party affair.If you are searching for Memphis bands to play for your party or wedding event,you are gonna love this band.Blue Silk is the band you certainly want.It ain't about being loud and it's ain't about being a large band.It's all about the feeling at the event and people really love Blue Silk Memphis band.If you want the Memphis singer shown in the pic be sure to mention that you want her to sing with the band when you hire this band.Otherwise it could be another Memphis singer.But no matter the singer with the band,you better know that they have some of the best singers in Memphis Tn working with Blue Silk band and they are seriously amazing.But again,as many people that hire this band for their weddings,parties and private events,they tend to let us know by requesting the singer pictured for Blue Silk band.Just ask or you might get another singer that is just as good.

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This is the perfect Memphis band to hire for Memphis wedding receptions,fundraiser event in Memphis Tn,birthday party event,New years eve celebration event,anniversary event,private party event,reunion event,wedding dinner event,cocktail party event,Memphis festival event,outdoor events and much more so when you are looking at Memphis bands for wedding and party event entertainment,we are here for you.
Memphis bands like Blue Silk band (formerly Honey and Pearls) enjoy playing at weddings and party events.Even though there are many Memphis bands for hire for a wedding reception,private party event,bandquet and fund raising event as well as Memphis bands for New Years Eve celebration event,Memphis bands for weddings and holiday party events and more Blue Silk band is always budget concious meaning that if your budget is small they will do their best to work with you.Also Memphis bands like Blue Silk play for people looking for live bands in Memphis Tn live bands in Jackson Ms Live bands in Oxford Ms Live bands near Blytheville Ar,live bands Tupelo Ms Live bands for weddings in Memphis Tn,Greenwood Ms,Clarksdale Ms,Tunica Ms,Jackson Tn and more.If you ask people that live in and around Memphis which band is one of the best bands for weddings in Memphis Tn...Blue Silk band will usually come up.But that's not all/.This is one of the best live bands in Memphis for party events including private party events and fundraisers and more but this Memphis band gets booked to play a lot of weddings and fundraisers as well as classy events in Memphis Tn.Some party events such as wedding receptions,fund raisers,birthday party event and anniversay party as well as new years eve party event that hire Memphis bands and holiday party events that need a live band usually find and hire Blue Silk band online or by calling 901-413-5370.Some Memphis bands just don't fit classy party events and some really don't fit weddings but this band dresses in formal attire most times unless it's a dress down Memphis event.Many clients love a well dressed and good looking live band for a wedding or party or fundraidsing event and they like a well dressed live band for hire for special events too.Here's a band that fits perfectly.
Live bands in Memphis Tn that can play classics like Motown music from Tina Turner and the Temptations to Stevie Wonder,Van Morrison,Earth Wind and Fire and more and then can switch things up to the new current sure fire dance hits that keep the dance floor packed like Blue Silk band is more rare than you would think.Even their Memphis DJ mixes will blow you away and at weddings they have some mixes that have all the ladies on the dance floor and purring like kittens.Sometimes the women get so into the music when Blue Silk band plays tha when the band takes a break,some of the ladies will reach out and grab some of the guys in the band when they step off the stage and the band members don't mind because they know it's all in having fun.Women love to hire this live band in Memphis Tn for their weddings because they know that all of their girlfriends are gonna really have a good time playing with the lead singer for the band and especially the guitar [player for the band "Will".The ladies love him!!It is so much fun with this Memphis band.That's what people really want and sometimes need.We have all been through a lot with covid 19 and everything so let's get together and enjoy the music in Memphis at weddings or party events.Contact Blue Silk band for your wedding reception or party by messaging us in the contact box or just text us at 901-413-5370.We are looking forward to enjoying the event with you and your guests.Together we got this!!No worries at all!!Contact us now.

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Even if you are currently searching for wedding venues in Memphis Tn or wedding reception places in Memphis Tn,or party venues Memphis Tn, you can still reserve a live band in Memphis Tn even before you have the venue or place of your event.In fact it's probably a good idea because many times all of the really good Memphis bands get hired in advance meaning as early as one to two years in advance so you don't want to find your self in an emergency trying to hire a live band in Memphis Tennessee because you didn't hire the band early enough.You could get lucky but do not hesitate to get in touch with the band.They might still be available but if they are really good,there's always the possibilty they have already been booked by someone already.You don't want to end up with a couple of musicians that may sound nice but not really the kind of musicians that can keep everybody dancing at the event if that's what you are looking for.However if a couple of musicians are suitable for your event it's not a bad thing at all because some musicians are very good.We are just saying that they don't usually have the ability to keep people dancing and felling the music like having drums,keyboards,singers,guitars etc.But again there is nothing wrong with hiring one or two musicians if that's all you need for your event.If that's the case just let us know.